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ENCODE provides four groups of courses to facilitate the different needs of the kids. We teach coding for kids from 3 years old. By learning from the basic concept to advanced coding, the kids will grasp the full knowledge of coding. The kids can then use what they have learned to create their own project with their innovative mind, to achieve their dream or even change the world.


Suggested age: 3-4

We believe learning to code should start as early as possible, like learning other spoken languages. With the screenless teaching approach, young kids can learn the coding concept like variables, conditioning, looping, etc. By learning these concepts, the kids will improve not only their critical thinking skill, problem-solving skills but also their presentation skill and teamwork.

In this group, we will use music and exercise to play with the kids.  And we will also guide the kids to apply coding skills into their life. To have a good start in their technology life.


Suggested age: 5-7

This age group of kids is in the rapid growth of knowledge. They always ask "why". They want to put everything into their brain library. Besides, kids aged five to seven started to express what they think using different methods. This is a critical time to train their creativity and curiosity.


In this group, we have the kids to start using the iPad to give the command to computers. With the guidance of our teachers, the kids can explore different tools and create their projects with their innovation.


Suggested age: 8-12

The kids in this age group are well prepared to handle challenges. They start to be big boys and girls. They begin to observe the others' need, and they want to solve problems. With well equipped of coding skill, the kids can create something new to the world, to solve problems, and to achieve their dream.

In this group, the teacher will start to teach the kids advanced coding skills, along with coding ethics and technology security. With the guidance of our teachers, the kids can create their very personalized (semi-production level) projects 

Personal Coach

Suggested age: >8

Each person has their personality. Each one has a different learning path. Each of us has a different level of talent and need. 

The personal coach group is set to fulfill the diverse needs of individuals. We will provide a personal coach to set a personalized learning plan for your kids. And guide your kids step by step to achieve their goal

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