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About Us

In the technology rapid growth age, kids are easily addicted to technology devices, even become the slave of technology. By not being lead by the technology world, can the kids become a leader in the technology world, use coding skill to enable world improvement.

Here, ENCODE comes to the world, built by a team with professional educators and information engineers. The team has designed a set of curriculum and roadmap which help a young kid start entering the technology world, is equipped. We enable the kids to become a great innovator with coding, and the kids enable the world improvement using their coding skill.

Mission & Vision

We enlighten you about coding

You enable the world improvement

Extended Learning in Coding

By using the code learning approach of the US, Silicon Valley, you are not only leaning the hard skill of coding but also a list of soft skills, like critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, etc.  And there are researches show that learn how to code can also improve the Math and English skill

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